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About Us

Belpointe OZ's sponsor, Belpointe, LLC, ("Belpointe") is an investment firm based in Greenwich, Connecticut which manages over $3 billion in various businesses. Belpointe is known for its condominium and multifamily developments.

With the in-house capability to fully manage the development and acquisition process:


Belpointe’s success is driven by getting the right local knowledge with its expertise and experience.

Belpointe’s development team is led by experienced developers each having a 25-year track record of developing over a billion dollars of multifamily projects through several economic cycles.

Belpointe has the capability to identify, purchase, develop, and construct commercial properties, therefore, it has the potential to identify issues prior to their occurrence and step in quickly to remedy any deficiencies arising from co-development partners.

In-house capabilities to fully manage the development process allows for greater underwriting expertise which may result in mitigated risk and ultimately may increase investment results for investors.

Unlike other real estate investment managers that may lack the development expertise and simply outsource the process to others, we believe Belpointe’s expertise and experience in development and construction distinguishes it from the competition.

A focus on multifamily:

Belpointe OZ’s investment strategy is centered on multifamily developments around the country using its unique acquisition and co-investment platform to build and acquire best-in-class rental communities for long-term dividends and capital appreciation:

Multifamily rentals are less sensitive to economic fluctuations than other types of real estate and the beneficiary of a society shift in attitudes toward renting versus home ownership.

A strong demand for income producing property provides a great investment strategy.

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